Advertisement – Technical data

Dimensions: All sizes up to 1550 X 1150 mm

Materials: special thermoplastics created for this application (Formprint, polystyrene, PETG, ABS, Formprint ECO, etc.).
Transparent, opaque, white or colored.

Thickness: from 0.3 mm to more than 2 mm. Other thicknesses are possible.

Mould: Single production of the mould as needed

Printing is done with the most appropriate technology for an optimal result:

  • Offset UV
  • Silk-screen print
  • Digital print

Cutting: straight cutting guillotine, punching or sealed by high frequency.

Handling: According to customer specifications, we can add the necessary elements for attaching the product (rear cardboard covers with or without base, suction cups, buttonholes, non-slip feet, roof hanger, etc.)
We can also filled with other materials or complete it with clocks, electronic accessories (LED’s or motion sensors), thermometers, slates, paper calendars or mirrors.